2022 Vol. 43 Issue 5

2022 Vol. 43, No. 5

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Research Progress on Pinus densata Forest
DU Yan, BAO Weikai
2022, 43(5): 1-10. doi: 10.12172/202208220004
Pinus densata forest is a unique forest type in southwest China, and it is an important carbon pool with high ecological conservation value. However, previous studies on community classification and structural characteristics, and ecosystem function of Pinus densata forest are scattered, and cannot provide systematic theoretical support for the protection, management and resource utilization of Pinus densata forest. We synthesized the community classification and structural characteristics, biomass and productivity, and water conservation capacity of Pinus densata forest based on relevant literature. Results showed that: (1) The forest could be classified into six formations, nine association groups and five associations; (2) The community biomass of mature forest was 81.24~318.79 t·hm−2, of which arbor layer was 79.39~311.53 t·hm−2, the carbon density of arbor layer was 49.543~103.24 t·hm−2, and the annual productivity was 5.48~18.07 t·hm−2·a−1, of which arbor layer was 4.29~14.23 t·hm−2; (3) The canopy interception rate of the forest was 24.32%~28.87%, and the maximum water-holding capacity of moss layer, litter layer and soil (0~30 cm) layer were 8.69 t·hm−2, 117.27 t·hm−2 and 380.98 t·hm−2. And clarified the research contents that need further attention: (1) The current research cannot form a complete Pinus densata forest classification system, supplementary field investigations is needed to complete the relevant understanding of community characteristics; (2) Recent researches on biomass, carbon storage and productivity were concentrated in the arbor layer, and the research areas were concentrated in Linzhi City and Shangri-La County, data of other regions, understory vegetation and underground parts should be supplemented, and the variation laws and driving factors of biomass and productivity along various geographic gradients should be explored; (3) Recent researches on water conservation in mature forests were lacking, and the water-holding capacity of soil layer and moss layer should be focused.
Bird Diversity and Fauna Analysis of Zoige Wetland National Nature Reserve in Sichuan Province
ZHANG Jun, BAN Ying, Zhuomajie, YAN Po, Suolangduoerji, YANG Zhisong
2022, 43(5): 11-17. doi: 10.12172/202204240001
Based on the field survey of birds carried out from 2019 to 2021 and the historical records of bird distribution, 232 species of birds belonging to 17 orders and 45 families in Zoige Wetland National Nature Reserve were recorded and summarized in this research, including 31 species of birds in 7 orders and 15 families from literature review. There were 157, 40 and 35 species in the Palaearctic realm, Oriental realm and widespread birds, which are divided into 12 distribution types. The Palaearctic birds accounted for 67.67%. Among them, 98 were resident birds, 50 were migratory birds, 52 were summer migratory birds, 29 were winter migratory birds, and 3 were lost birds. Non-resident birds accounted for 57.76%. The seasonal variation of bird diversity is obvious. A large number of bird species were distributed in alpine meadow (165 species) and alpine shrub (127 species) habitats. Previous studies on birds in this area mainly focused on wetland habitats, mainly on waterfowl. It is suggested that more attention and research should be paid to birds in non-wetland habitats of nature reserves in the future, especially passerine birds and raptors. The distribution number, species and dominant species of birds were significantly different in different habitats, and the number of common species of birds was different in different habitats, which reflected the significant habitat differentiation on horizontal spatial gradient in this area in recent years. In recent years, the number of newly recorded birds in the reserve has been increasing, and the bird diversity of birds has become more and more complex. According to the results of this study, it is suggested that the protection measures for birds should be formulated according to seasons and habitat types in the future.
Research on Construction and Optimization of Ecological Spatial Network of Panzhihua City Based on MSPA-MCR
ZHAO Haotian, CHEN Jichun, QIN Liang, LIU Kanglin, BAI Jincheng, TAN Xiaolin, TANG xin, LUO Maoting
2022, 43(5): 18-26. doi: 10.12172/202203300004
Ecological spatial network can strengthen the connectivity between fragmented habitat patches and landscapes, which is particularly important in the ecological protection and restoration projects of mountains, forests, fields, lakes and grass. In this paper, considering the natural and human factors, Panzhihua city was selected as the study area, and the ecological network was constructed by comprehensive application of morphological spatial pattern analysis (MSPA) and minimum cumulative resistance model (MCR). The important ecological corridors were quantitatively evaluated by gravity model, and the optimization countermeasures were put forward. The results showed that the ecological network of Panzhihua city was composed of 10 ecological sources and 28 effective potential ecological corridors. Combined with gravity model, 7 first-class ecological corridors, 10 second-class ecological corridors and 11 general ecological corridors were extracted. The spatial distribution of the core density of the ecological corridor was unevenly distributed, mainly distributed in the northwest, and the ecological mobility was weak as a whole. The ecological network was optimized by adding ecological sources, identifying ecological nodes and ecological breakpoints, and the countermeasures of ecological spatial network framework layout were put forward. The research can provide scientific references for the sustainable development of ecological environment in Panzhihua city.
Comparison of Flowering Period Observation and Pollen Germination Characteristics of Three American Lagerstroemia indica Varieties in the Hilly Area of Central Sichuan Province
CHEN Xiaomei, LI Xiaolin, DING Ting, ZHAO Taojuan, CHEN Zhi, HUANG Zhen
2022, 43(5): 27-33. doi: 10.12172/202111190001
In this paper, the flowering period of three American Lagerstroemia indica varieties (Red Rocket, E. Ember, Delta Blush) introduced in the hilly area of central Sichuan was observed and their pollen germination ability was compared. The results showed that all three American Lagerstroemia indica species entered the flowering period at the end of July or the beginning of August, and the flowering period could be met. The flowering period was shorter than that in Hunan province, the original introduction place. All the pollen grains in the long/short capillament anthers of the three varieties could germinate normally, and the germination rate of pollen grains in long-capillament anthers was higher. Therefore, both types of anthers could be used as hybrids to provide pollens. All three varieties could be self-cross and outcross. When self-cross, pollen tubes and sperm cells could enter the ovary for 12 hours, while when outcross, it need 14 to 18 hours. The related research laid the foundation for the development of the next hybridization experiment.
Characteristics of Plant Diversity under Different Vegetation Restoration Models in the Arid Valley of the Minjiang River
ZHANG Li, XU Zhou, SHAN Fengjiao, XIAO Jiujin, LIU Jianxia, LI Xuhua, LIU Qianli
2022, 43(5): 34-40. doi: 10.12172/202112140003
In order to explore suitable vegetation restoration models in arid valley areas, the arid valley areas in the upper reaches of the Minjiang River basin was selected as the research object, two types of land preparation were set up, i.e. level-terrace soil preparation and scale-shaped pit soil preparation, and different coverage treatment and fertilization types were carried out in each land preparation type to study the impact of different vegetation restoration measures on the characteristics of vegetation diversity. The results showed that level-terrace soil preparation was generally more beneficial to the increase of plant species number than scale-shaped pit soil preparation. The community species diversity index of different restoration measures was different in different degrees. Compared with the control, different restoration measures generally reduced the diversity of shrub species and improved the diversity of herb species, which might be related to short restoration time and different life forms. Due to the short restoration time, the plant communities of different vegetation restoration measures were in an unstable state. In general, the level-terrace soil preparation was better than that of scale-shaped pit soil preparation, stone was better than plastic film and sun-shading net, formula fertilizer was better than organic fertilizer, and level-terrace soil preparation + stone + formula fertilization restoration measure were more conducive to the improvement of diversity and community stability, which was a better restoration measure in this area.
Species Composition and Vegetation Diversity of Leguminosae Species under Two Main Plantations in Arid Valley of the Minjiang River
HE Wei, YANG Yuling, GAO Peng, ZHANG Wei, YOU Jiyong, ZHANG Hao
2022, 43(5): 41-47. doi: 10.12172/202111220002
In this experiment, the species composition and biomass accumulation of Leguminousae species and vegetation diversity under Cupressus chengiana and Pinus radiata plantations after 20 years of afforestation were studied by typical plot method in Wenchuan and Lixian sections of the Minjiang River arid valley. The results showed that: (1) There were 41 species of shrub and grass vegetation under C. chengiana plantation, including 5 kinds of Leguminous shrub species and 2 kinds of herb species, among which Indigofera lenticellata was a relatively stable companion shrub. With the increase of altitude, Leguminosae shrubs decreased, coverage reduced, Leguminosae herbs gradually appeared, and the total biomass of Leguminosus species decreased. (2) There were 21 species of shrub and grass vegetation under P. radiata plantation, including 2 species of Leguminous shrubs. Lespedeza bicolor had obvious advantages in the shrub layer, and there were no leguminous herbs. With the increase of altitude, the number of Leguminous shrubs decreased, and the coverage and total biomass of Leguminous species changed little. (3) The understory biomass of Leguminosae species under C. chengiana plantation accounted for 45%, and there were root nodules in Indigofera lenticellata and Caragana sinica. The understory biomass of Leguminosae species under P. radiata plantation accounted for 38%, and no root nodules were found. (4) The vegetation coverage, biomass and biodiversity index of understory shrub and grass species under C. chengiana plantation were much higher than those of P. radiata plantation, and the shrub biomass can reach 20 times that of P. radiata. In general, the understory vegetation coverage of C. chengiana plantation was higher, the species diversity was higher, the Leguminous species were richer, the biomass accumulation were larger, and there was also Indigofera lenticellata which played a role in nitrogen fixation, and its resistance to drought stress and external interference was relatively strong.
Research on the Current Situation and Influencing Factors of Park City Construction from the Public's Perspective in Chengdu City
WU Hongyu, PENG Fang, BIAN Yuxin, XIE Shiju, WAN Jiangjun
2022, 43(5): 48-57. doi: 10.12172/202112100002
The construction of a park city is a brand-new practice of Chinese government in the implementation of the new development concept in urban development. At present, the research on park city construction based on the perspective of the public as the main body is relatively weak. In this study, Chengdu city, which is the first park city construction demonstration site in China, was selected as the case area, and the survey data (N=957) was obtained by using the structured participation evaluation questionnaire, which was analyzed by the classical logistics regression model. The results showed that: Firstly, factors such as age, occupation, and air quality perception would affect the public's willingness to participate in the construction of park cities; Secondly, the influence of public participation behavior was analyzed as follows: factors such as age and access channels were related to the behavior of passively understanding relevant information; Factors such as academic qualifications were related to the behavior of actively understanding relevant information; the degree of transportation convenience and air quality perception were related to the behavior of giving suggestions to relevant departments; Connectivity and environmental awareness were related to the behavior of on-site investigation. All the above research results have certain reference significance for the construction of park cities.
Investigation and Application Research of Wall Spontaneous Plant Resources in Chengdu City
MENG Haolei, MAO Ying, HE Jingyi, HU Ang
2022, 43(5): 58-65. doi: 10.12172/202111270002
In order to explore the relationship between wall spontaneous plants and environmental factors, and realize the application of wall spontaneous plants in vertical greening, taking the downtown of Chengdu city as an example, the species composition of wall spontaneous plants and the relationship between wall spontaneous plants and environmental factors such as humidity, slope and altitude was investigated and analyzed, and the wall spontaneous plants suitable for vertical greening were screened out. Then six typical plant configuration modes in vertical greening were established. The results showed that there were 84 species of wall spontaneous plants belonging to 71 genera and 40 families in the walls of Chengdu central urban area, among which Compositae, Urticaceae and Grasses were the most species. Among the 12 wall environmental factors selected, 6 environmental factors such as humidity and slope, had significant effects on the spatial distribution of plants. Among the spontaneous plants on the wall, some plants such as Arthraxon hispidus, Corydalis edulis and Anemone hupehensis, etc. were highly ornamental, so these wall spontaneous plants can be selected according to the characteristics of different wall environments for model plant configuration.
Seedling Stage Determination and Family Selection of Half-sib Families of Eucalyptus cloeziana
CAO Kunbin, YANG Yongzhi, GUO Hongying, WU Yudan, LI Jiaman, HUANG Zhen, CHEN Zhi
2022, 43(5): 66-72. doi: 10.12172/202111240002
Taking the seedling growth performance of 47 half-sib families of Eucalyptus cloeziana introduced from Australia as the research object, the families with good seedling growth traits were screened by seedling stage determination. The results showed that there were significant differences in seedling height and ground diameter among Eucalyptus cloeziana families, and four excellent half-sib families were selected. The heritability of seedling height and ground diameter were 0.97 and 0.95, respectively. There was a very significant positive correlation between seedling height and ground diameter. The genetic coefficients of seedling height and ground diameter were 28.61% and 28.18%, respectively. There were abundant variations among introduced families,, which had great improvement potential.
Research on the Correlation between Cunninghamia lanceolata Seedlings Growth and Soil Organic Carbon and Total Nitrogen Contents
MENG Qingyin
2022, 43(5): 73-78. doi: 10.12172/202112020002
In order to analyze the effects of different layers of soil on the growth of Cunninghamia lanceolata seedlings, the container seedlings of the third generation seed orchard of C. lanceolata were taken as the research object, and different layers of soil from three C. lanceolata stands were used for pot experiment, namely, layer A (0−20 cm), layer B (20−40 cm) and layer C (40−60 cm).After one year, the growth of C. lanceolata was measured, and the correlation between soil organic carbon, total nitrogen and C/N ratio and the growth of C. lanceolata seedlings was analyzed, The results showed that: (1) The organic carbon content, total nitrogen content and C/N ratio of layer A soil (0−20 cm) were 19.4 g·kg−1、1.2 g·kg−1 and 15.5 respectively. The seedling growth performance of was the best, and the seedling height and ground diameter were 85.9 cm and 16.8 mm respectively. (2) The organic carbon content, total nitrogen content and C/N ratio of layer B soil (20−40cm) were 16.7 g·kg−1, 1.1 g·kg−1 and 15.3 respectively. The seedling height and ground diameter were 75.6 cm and 14.5 mm respectively. (3) The organic carbon content, total nitrogen content and C/N ratio in layer C soil (40−60cm) were 3.8 g·kg−1、0.5 g·kg−1 and 7.8 respectively. The growth performance of seedlings was poor, and the seedling height and ground diameter were 75.0 cm and 13.4 mm respectively. Through correlation analysis, the growth of C. lanceolata was positively correlated with organic carbon content, total nitrogen content and C/N ratio.
Effects of Different Treatments on Cuttage Rooting of Lacquer Tree
HE Zhiran, LIU Minhao, XIAO Xingcui, PENG Jian, YE Weiping
2022, 43(5): 79-84. doi: 10.12172/202112130001
Using the branches of Lacquer as materials,, the influence of tree age, substrate ratio, rooting agent concentration and treatment time on the rooting rate of lacquer tree cuttings were analyzed by orthogonal experimental design, and the most suitable lacquer tree cutting system was comprehensively selected. The results showed that when three different rooting agents were used, the effect of branch age on rooting rate was extremely significant (P <0.01), and the younger the tree age, the higher the rooting rate. The effects of substrate, concentration and soaking time on rooting rate of Lacquer cuttings treated with GGR and IBT were not significant, but they were significant when treated with ABT (P<0.05). Comprehensive analysis of 27 treatments showed that ABT was the most suitable rooting agent for lacquer tree cuttings. When the ABT was used, the rooting rate of cutting with 1-year-old lacquer tree seedlings as cuttings, yellow sand as substrate, concentration of 500 mg·L−1 and soaking for 30 min was the highest.
Effects of Different Treatments on the Survival Rate of Lacquer Root Cuttings
HE Zhiran, RUAN Ruoyu, TANG Lehua, LIU Minhao, XIAO Xingcui, LIAO Qinggui, PENG Jian, GU Yunjie
2022, 43(5): 85-91. doi: 10.12172/202203140002
In this experiment, Sichuan local lacquer tree root sections were used as the material, and the effects of the tree age, root diameter, concentration of rooting agent and treatment time on the rooting rate of lacquer were discussed. Through comprehensive analysis, the most suitable combination of lacquer root propagation seedlings was selected. The results showed that rooting agent, tree age and rooting agent concentration had significant effects on the survival rate of lacquer tree root propagation, while soaking time and root diameter had no significant effect on the survival rate. Among the interaction between rooting agent and various factors, rooting agent × soaking time, rooting agent × tree age had very extremely significant effects on the survival rate, rooting agent × root diameter had significant effect on the survival rate, and rooting agent ×rooting agent concentration had no significant effect on the survival rate. The most suitable combination of factors selected in this study for lacquer tree root breeding seedlings in southern Sichuan was: rooting agent GGR, tree age of one year, root diameter of 0.3–0.5 cm, rooting agent concentration of 100 mg·L−1 and soaking time of 10 min.
Influence of Compound Fertilizer Application Rate on Growth and Oil Yield of Cinnamomum camphora Dwarf Forest
JIANG Rui, PENG Yi, LI Feng, CHEN Shan, XIAO Zufei
2022, 43(5): 92-97. doi: 10.12172/202112260002
Under the dwarf forest cultivation mode of Cinnamomum camphora, cutting down branches and leaves once a year or three times every two years to extract essential oil would lead to the decline of soil fertility, especially the serious loss of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.. In order to provide technical support for fertilization of Cinnamomum camphora dwarf forest, 4-year-old Cinnamomum camphora dwarf forest was used as material to study the effects of compound fertilizer application (0 g per plant, 12.5 g per plant, 25 g per plant, 50 g per plant, 100 g per plant, 200 g per plant) on growth and oil yield of Cinnamomum camphora dwarf forest. The results showed that the application of compound fertilizer could significantly promote the length and diameter of sprouts in Cinnamomum camphora dwarf forest. The application of 100 g per plant compound fertilizer had a significant effect on the length and diameter of sprouts, but had no effect on the sprouting number of Cinnamomum camphora dwarf forest. Applying 25-100 g per plant compound fertilizer could significantly promote the fresh weight of single plant, fresh weight of single leaf, fresh weight of single twig and fresh weight of single main branch of Cinnamomum camphora dwarf forest, among which application of 100 g per plant compound fertilizer had the best effect. The application of compound fertilizer had no significant effect on the oil yield of single leaf and twig of Cinnamomum camphora dwarf forest, but the oil yield of main branch increased with the increase of application amount of compound fertilizer. Therefore, the application of compound fertilizer can promote the yield of essential oil per unit area by promoting the biomass of Cinnamomum camphora dwarf forest, and the optimal application amount of compound fertilizer is 100 g per plant.
Effect of Different Water and Fertilizer Concentration Ratio on the Quality of 3-year-old Rattan Pepper
WU Yudan, ZHANG Xiangyu, WU Zongxing, SONG Xiaojun, YE Min, LI Kuiyang, LIANG Po
2022, 43(5): 98-101. doi: 10.12172/202206210001
In order to improve the quality of rattan pepper, 3-year-old rattan pepper was selected as the study material, and the ratio of different water and fertilizer concentrations was explored for three years. The results showed that: (1) With the treatment of 72 kg fertilizer and 300L water, the content of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) in the leaves of rattan pepper increased by 77.4%, 117.1% and 50.3% respectively. (2) With the treatment of 72 kg of fertilizer and 300L of water, the content of trace element boron (B) in the leaves of rattan pepper increased by 89.5%, the content of magnesium (Mg) increased by 67.9%, the content of chlorophyll a increased by 85.6%, the content of chlorophyll b increased by 19.6%, and the content of total chlorophyll elements increased by 60.8%. (3) With the treatment of 72 kg fertilizer and 300L water, the crude protein content, crude fat content and essential oil content of rattan pepper fruit were increased by 90.1%, 93.3% and 218.2% respectively.
Sensory Quality Evaluation and Biochemical Composition Analysis of Black Tea Made from Xi’ning Ancient Tea Trees in Leibo County
LIU Qingling, LUO Xiaobo, ZHOU Bin, WANG Xiaoling, TAN Liqiang
2022, 43(5): 102-106. doi: 10.12172/202112010003
In order to explore the tea production potential of wild ancient tea trees in Xi’ning town, Leibo county and promote the development and utilization of germplasm resources, the sensory quality evaluation and biochemical composition determination of black tea samples made from the wild ancient tea trees in Xi’ning (referred to as XNBT for short) were carried out, and compared with other black tea samples. The results showed that: (1) XNBT was heavy and firm in appearance, orange-red and bright in soup color, long-lasting sweet with caramel in aroma, sweet, mellow and fresh in taste, and red and soft in phyllotaxis. The sensory evaluation score of XNBT was 90.4, which was slightly higher than that of the black tea made from the spring tips of the clonal tea variety ‘Fuding Dabai’ (90.3, referred to as FDBT) and a commercially available wild-plant black tea in the market (85.5, referred to as CWBT). (2) The total catechin content of XNBT was 11.5 mg·g−1, which was 40.2% and 30.7% higher than that of CWBT and FDBT, respectively. The caffeine content (48.7 mg·g−1) and total free amino acid content (19.89 mg·g−1) of XNBT were slightly higher than those of the other two black teas. The main tea pigments (thearubigen, theaflavin and theafucin) of XNBT black tea were 131.90 mg·g−1, which was higher than that of FDBT but lower than that of CWBT. In summary, the quality of XNBT was superior and it was valuable for development and utilization. Its quality formation may be related to the biological characteristics of wild tea population and the climate of Leibo. It is recommended to strengthen the protection and utilization of this resource.
Comparative Analysis about Plot Average Method and Transformation Analysis Method in Forest Progeny Tests
YE Jinjun, YE Jinshui, BAO Xiaomei, HUANG Lin, MAO Hailin
2022, 43(5): 107-114. doi: 10.12172/202109240003
In order to evaluate the analysis effect of plot average method in the nonequilibrium test data of trees, the advantages and disadvantages of plot average method were compared and evaluated by using Monte Carlo simulation data and transformation analysis method as the reference object, which provided scientific basis for the selection of appropriate statistical method. Considering the workload and universality, five types of experiments and single factor random block design were used. First, the observed value of a single plant was used for statistical analysis to obtain the results of transformation analysis. Then the average value of the plot was used to participate in the calculation, and the analysis result of the plot average method was obtained. On this basis, the statistical effect of the plot average value method for non-equilibrium test data was evaluated. Through comparative analysis, the results were as follows: (1) For the non-equilibrium test data, transformation analysis method was scientific and superior, and plot average method was only suitable for clone test; (2) The genetic variability information of individual plant could not be obtained by plot average method, so the statistical efficiency was low; (3) Monte carlo simulation data of five experiments, plot average method, the probability of negative variance components of block repetition factor of increased the decrease of block repetition number. In experiment IV,, 3% of the middle group factors showed negative variance components, and In experiment V, 6% of the middle group factors showed negative variance components, and the transformation analysis law eliminated the negative variance components; (4) The bias and error of the plot average method were greater than those of the transformation method; (5) The family heritability of plot average method was lower than that of transformation analysis method, and the accuracy of experimental analysis was lower than that of transformation analysis method, which was not conducive to adverse selection and forward selection; (6) Under the condition of fixed model, there was certain error in the mean value of family effect by plot average method, and the rank of many families was not consistent with the results of transformation analysis method, and the error probability of selection was 1/8-2/8. According to the above results, although plot average method had the advantage of small computation, it is suggested that transformation analysis method should be preferred in the field of forest tree genetics and breeding because of its many advantages.
Effects of Forest Walking on Stress Level of Different Gender Groups
LIN Jing, LI Jinxiao, JIAN Yi, HE Jiamin, LUO Zhongshi, JIANG Yanqiu
2022, 43(5): 115-119. doi: 10.12172/202108200001
In order to study the impact of forest walking recuperation activities on the stress level of different gender groups, 40 volunteers aged 30-70 who lived in urban areas all year round were selected to carry out a forest walking recuperation activity in the Kuanba Forest Farm Recuperation Center. By comparing the changes of salivary cortisol concentration before and after the volunteer recuperation activities, the effects of forest walking on stress level of different gender groups were analyzed and discussed. The results showed that the average salivary cortisol concentration of the subjects decreased after forest walking, and the change rate was higher than that of the control group with non-forest walking, indicating that forest walking can improve human stress level, and its effect on men was higher than that on women. Correlation analysis showed that there was a very significant negative correlation between the change rate of average salivary cortisol concentration and age (P < 0.01), which indicated that with the increase of age, the effect of forest walking on stress level was smaller.
Development Status and Trend of Bamboo Winding Composite Products
2022, 43(5): 120-125. doi: 10.12172/202111220001
Bamboo winding composite is a kind of biological matrix composite, which can give full play to the characteristics of high tensile strength and good toughness of bamboo. It can replace traditional materials such as steel, cement and plastics to a certain extent. It is an important material to realize "peak carbon dioxide emissions and carbon neutrality" and a strategic industry for rural revitalization. In this paper, the advantages of bamboo winding technology were explained from the aspects of bamboo mechanical properties, preparation of winding unit, structure and forming method of bamboo winding products. The applications and effects of bamboo winding products such as bamboo winding composite pipes, bamboo winding composite pipe gallery and other related bamboo winding products in engineering practice were listed. In the end, some suggestions on the research and application development of bamboo winding products at the present were put forward.
Research Progress on Main Components and Identification Technology of Phellodendron
QIAO Luping, LIU Cai, KANG Liang, MENG Changlai
2022, 43(5): 126-131. doi: 10.12172/202112220001
The identification of components has always been the focus of the research on the origin and quality of Phellodendron, and the application of traditional Chinese herb fingerprints and other related technologies have provided key tools and new methods for this kind of research. In this paper, the research status of resource distribution, component regulation and components identification technology of Phellodendron was reviewed, the achievements and existing problems of the main technical methods at present were summarized, and the future research direction was prospected. The purpose of this paper was to provide further reference for the identification and analysis of genuine medicinal materials of Phellodendron in China.
A Newly Recorded Species of Genus Synotis (Asteraceae: Senecioneae) from Guangdong Province, China
ZHAO Liaocheng, TANG Ming
2022, 43(5): 132-135. doi: 10.12172/202112250001
Based on specimen examination and literature study, a new record species (Synotis fulvipes (Ling) C. Jeffrey & Y. L. Chen) of the genus Synotis (Clarke) Jeffrey & Chen was reported, which was distributed in Huaiji county, northwest Guangdong province, China. This discovery further enriched the plant diversity and ornamental plant resources in Guangdong province. In this paper, the morphological description, specimen vouchers were provided, and geographical distribution of the species in China was further clarified.
A New Record Species of the Genus Onthophilus Leach, 1817 (Coleoptera: Histeridae) from China
LI Zechuan, JIANG Rixin, WEI Chengkang
2022, 43(5): 136-140. doi: 10.12172/202112160002
After examined some Histerid beetles specimens from Henan province, Onthophilus niponensis Lewis, 1907, was found from China for the first time. Description and detailed pictures are provided. The specimens are deposited in the Institute of Entomology, Guizhou University.