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Systematic Review of the Research on the Correlation Development between Garden Painting and Classical Garden
CHEN Zhiru, CHEN Lan, TAN Lin, CHEN Yi
2023, 44(5): 1-6.   doi: 10.12172/202210270002
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Garden painting interacts with Chinese gardens in the process of historical development. From the perspective of the current protection and inheritance of classical gardens, garden painting has certain research value in landscape architecture for the study of garden history. It is an important research field to explore the symbiotic relationship between garden painting and garden construction, and there is still broad space for development. This paper systematically reviewed the landscape research literature of garden painting, analyzed five main research fields, including cultural characteristics and development influence, aesthetic association and artistic conception expression, image vision and space construction, garden elements and landscape, restoration and recoverability, through data collection and bibliometrics, summarized the application and connection of garden painting in garden construction, providing certain reference value for garden design.
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Study on the Relationship between Tree Layer and Understory Qiongzhuea multigemmia of Forest Community in Giant Panda Habitat
QIN Weirui, LIU Jingyi, SONG Xinqiang, PAN Han, CHENG Yong, FU Mingxia, ZHANG Yuanbin, ZHOU Caiquan, YANG Biao
2023, 44(5): 7-14.   doi: 10.12172/202302060001
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In order to explore the correlation between the tree layer of forest community and understory Giant Panda feeding bamboo in the giant panda habitat, the tree layer structure characteristics of forest community in Daxiangling Giant Panda habitat and the growth index of understory Qiongzhuea multigemmia under forest were investigated by using line transects and quadrat methods, and the generalized linear mixed model (GLMM) and linear hybrid model (LMM) were constructed and analyzed. The results showed that: (1) The canopy density of tree layer had significant effects on the basal diameter of annual, perennial and bamboo shoots, the number of live and dead bamboo, the height of bamboo shoots; the number of trees had significant effects on the number of bamboo shoots, the number of dead bamboo and live bamboo; the average height of trees had significant effects on the number of bamboo shoots, height and base diameter of annual and perennial bamboos. (2) The number of bamboo shoots increased with the increase of number and average tree height; the number of live and dead bamboo decreased with the increase of canopy density and number of trees; the average height of annual bamboo decreased with the increase of the average height of trees; the average base diameter of the annual bamboo decreased with the increase of the canopy density of tree layer and the average height of the trees; the average height and base diameter of the perennial bamboo increased with the increase of the average height of the trees; the height of bamboo shoot increased with the increase of canopy density of tree layer; the average base diameter of perennial bamboo and shoot decreased with the increase of canopy density of tree layer. This study provided a quantitative basis for the restoration of the Giant Panda habitat in this region.
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Influence of Habitat on the Activity Intensity of Dominant Species in Wanglang Nature Reserve
XU Yang, LIU Shida, LI Yingjie, LIU Zhengxiao, YU Bing, JIANG Wenlong, ZHENG Yong, QING Li
2023, 44(5): 15-23.   doi: 10.12172/202211300002
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The time allocation of species in a day is the most important survival strategy for wild animals, and it is very important for understanding the behavior ecology of species. In order to determine the dominant species in Wanglang Nature Reserve and the relationship between the activity intensity of the dominant species and the habitat status, from May 2018 to July 2019, the infrared camera monitoring and sample surveys methods were used to investigate the species and habitats of large and medium-sized beasts and understory birds in Wanglang Nature Reserve. The habitat conditions of 3 species (two wild dominant species and one domesticated species) with different activity intensities were evaluated. Moreover, the activity intensity of wild dominant species in Bos taurus habitat and other habitats were compared. The principal component analysis showed that the dominant species in Wanglang Reserve were blood pheasant Ithaginis cruentus and tufted deer Elaphodus cephalophus. The intensity of species activity was divided into high, medium and low intensity based on the relative abundance index of time. The difference in habitat conditions between blood pheasants and tufted deer in areas with different activity intensities was mainly manifested in terrain conditions and food resources. The difference in the habitat status of cattle in different activity intensity areas was mainly manifested in herb coverage. Nuclear density estimates indicated that blood pheasants and tufted deer had a high degree of overlap in their activity curves when using cattle habitats and other habitats. However, when using the cattle habitat, the activity intensity of the two peaks was higher than that of other habitats. The results showed that: (1) The activity intensity of dominant species in the area can represent areas with good terrain conditions and poor food resources. (2) When formulating habitat restoration policies in the protected area, priority can be given to areas where the dominant species have high activity intensity. (3) When restoring the habitat, focus should be placed on restoring the habitat used by the cattle species.
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Forest Fire Prediction in Algeria Based on Decision Tree Algorithm in Spark MLlib
GAO Fengwei, TIAN Rui, ZHOU Hao, HU Jie
2023, 44(5): 24-31.   doi: 10.12172/202211150002
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Based on the Algerian forest fire data, through the decision tree algorithm in Spark MLlib, the characteristic parameters with high correlation was put forward to improve the performance of the model and predict forest fires. For the characteristic parameters, such as temperature, wind speed, rain and the main indicators in the Canadian forest fire weather index (FWI) system, in combination with the classification of forest fires, a decision tree based fire prediction model was built using the information gain criterion for Gini's binary decision tree, and the sample data was classified and predicted. The correlation between different feature parameters is analyzed, and the feature parameters with high correlation are eliminated. The machine learning workflow was established by using the big data computing framework Spark, and the Pearson coefficient for calculating the correlation was combined with the decision tree classification algorithm, so as to optimize the model and improve the prediction classification accuracy. Before the improvement of the prediction model, the total accuracy of forest fire prediction classification without correlation analysis was 94.94%. After the improvement of the prediction model, the correlation analysis was carried out, and the characteristic parameter data with high correlation was eliminated. The total accuracy of forest fire prediction classification was 97.17%, and the accuracy rate was improved by nearly 3%. The machine learning algorithm in Spark MLlib had a high accuracy in forest fire prediction and classification, especially after combining various data mining algorithms, the model performance was improved and the prediction and classification accuracy was higher.
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Temporal and Spatial Distribution Pattern of Mixed-species Bird Flocks in Autumn in Three Parallel Rivers, Yunnan Province
DUAN Tinglu, YANG Xuejun, SHEN Xiuying, GUO Longjie, LI Yingchun, TAN Kun, ZHANG Shuxia, WANG Rongxing, LI Na, XIAO Wen
2023, 44(5): 32-40.   doi: 10.12172/202210190001
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Mixed species bird flocks are very common among tropical and subtropical forest birds, and their formation is of important ecological significance to birds. However, there is few research on the local temporal and spatial changes of mixed species bird flocks, especially on higher latitude and altitude gradients. From September 13 to October 5, 2019, the mixed species bird flocks in the Three Parallel Rivers region of Yunnan province was investigated in autumn by using the method of transect and sample point combination. The results showed that: (1) In terms of the time gradient, the occurrence frequency of mixed species bird flocks in a day was bimodal, that is, the frequency was higher at 8:00-11:00 and 18:00-19:00, reaching the peak at 8:00-9:00. (2) In terms of the latitude gradient: with the increase of latitude, the incidence of mixed species bird flocks decreased, and the richness and abundance of bird species in the mixed species bird flocks decreased; with the increase of latitude, the time distribution pattern that occurs in the mixed species bird flocks in a day shift from single-peak distribution to bimodal distribution, partial peak distribution and low-frequency distribution. (3) In terms of the elevation gradient: the frequency of the mixed species bird flocks in the middle elevation area (2400 m-2700 m) was higher, and the richness and abundance of the birds participating in the mixed group were single peak distribution at medium elevation; the latitude also affected the frequency of the mixed species bird flocks at elevation. At the same time, with the increase of latitude, the mixed species bird flocks was at the same altitude. The frequency of occurrence was reduced. (4) Mixed species bird flocks were almost all insectivore and omnivorous birds, and only the Carpodacus thura was herbivorous. The study confirmed that the mixed species bird flocks in the three parallel rivers region of Yunnan province had obvious characteristics of latitude and altitude gradient distribution, which laid the foundation for exploring the driving mechanism of the formation of mixed species bird flocks on a large environmental gradient.
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Study on Biomass Model of Economic Stalk Wood of Bambusa distegia
ZHANG Li, MA Guangliang, ZHAO Bo, LI Xiangjun, WANG Guangjian, WANG Lvjuan, SUN Peng
2023, 44(5): 41-47.   doi: 10.12172/202302020001
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In order to quickly estimate the biomass of economic stem wood of Bambusa distegia stand (hereinafter referred to as “economic wood weight”), 1-4a+ age materials of Bambusa distegia was selected from plots with different site conditions in Xuyong county, regression model of economic wood weight and its application were studied. It was found that the economic wood weight of 2a and 3a was higher and the water content was lower, which was suitable for selective cutting. By comparing the variation of economic wood weight of individual plant with different DBH classes, it was concluded that the cultivation of large-diameter bamboo was an effective way to increase the yield of bamboo forest. The correlation of DBH, plant height, length of bamboo joint at height of DBH with economic wood weight was studied, and it was concluded that DBH could be used as a better variable to construct the economic wood weight model of a single plant of Bambusa distegia. The estimation models of economic wood weight were constructed by the methods of unary linear regression, multiple linear regression and curve regression respectively then were optimized. Finally, 1 whole age model and 4 age distinction models were formed. The model was used to estimate the wood weight per unit area of stand under different site conditions, and compared with the actual economic wood weight, it was concluded that the estimated value of age distinction model was more accurate than that total age model. The relationship between economic wood weight and average age, average DBH, altitude, stand density, sunshine and moisture conditions was analyzed. It was found that the average bamboo age was closer to 3a, the larger the average DBH was, the lower the altitude was, the better the moisture condition was, and the higher the economic wood weight was. There was no significant correlation between economic wood weight and stand density and sunshine. It was suggested that the age structure ratio of 1a:2a:3a:4a+ should be kept at 3:3:3:1.
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Effects of PEG-6000 Simulated Drought Stress and Temperature on Seed Germination of Diospyros dumetorum
LUO Kong, ZHANG Chunhua, OU Chaorong, RUAN Changming, SUN Yongyu, WANG Meng
2023, 44(5): 48-54.   doi: 10.12172/202212080001
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In order to understand the effects of drought stress and different temperature treatments on seed germination of Diospyros dumetorum, to clarify the appropriate temperature for seed germination and PEG drought tolerance degree, and to explore the drought resistance ability of Diospyros dumetorum seeds during germination. The simulated drought stress experiments of PEG-6000 solution (0%, 5%,10%,15%, 20%, 25%) was carried out with Diospyros dumetorum seeds as materials at 10℃, 15℃, 20℃, 25℃, 30℃ and other temperatures. The results showed that: (1) The seeds could not germinate at low temperature (0℃, 10℃) and under severe drought stress (25% PEG). (2) The seeds could germinate at temperatures of 15℃, 20℃, 25℃, 30℃ under PEG mild drought (5% PEG), moderate drought (10% PEG, 15% PEG) and severe drought (20% PEG), and the seed germination index was inhibited to some extent when the concentration exceeds 10% PEG. (3) With the increase of PEG concentration, the stress degree of seeds was higher, and all germination indexes of seeds showed a trend of increasing first and then decreasing. Conclusion: the seed germination of Diospyros dumetorumn was greatly affected by temperature and drought stress. The suitable temperature for seed germination is 20℃~30℃, and the PEG drought tolerance range was 0~25% PEG drought condition. The germination rate was negatively correlated with PEG concentration (P<0.05), and the germination index and vigor index were negatively correlated with PEG concentration (P<0.01). Drought resistance index was negatively correlated with PEG concentration, but the correlation was not significant (P>0.05).
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Response of Main Functional Traits of Cycas panzhihuaensis to Soil Available Nutrients: A Case Study of Cycas panzhihuaensis National Nature Reserve in Sichuan Province
LONG Cheng, YU Zhixiang, YANG Yongqiong, SHUI Meimei
2023, 44(5): 55-61.   doi: 10.12172/202211230002
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In order to understand the distribution characteristics of main functional traits of Cycas panzhihuaensis and its response to soil available nutrients, 15 permanent sample plots (10 m × 10 m) were established in the secondary savanna shrub forest of dry-hot valley in Panzhihua Cycas panzhihuaensis National Nature Reserve, Sichuan Province. The main functional traits like plant maximum height (PHMAX), area of a leaf (LA), specific leaf area (SLA), and leaf dry-matter content (LDMC) and soil available nutrients like available nitrogen (AN), available phosphorus (AP), and available potassium (AK) of Cycas panzhihuaensis population in the sample plots were collected, and the distribution of main functional traits and soil available nutrients among plots and their relationships were analyzed by Kruskal-Wallis test and multivariate statistical. The results showed that there were significant difference in LA, LDMC, SLA, Al, AK, and pH among different plots, but not in PHMAX, AN, and AP. Soil available potassium (AK) and pH had the greatest influence on the distribution of Cycas Panzhihua population. There was a significant correlation between the main functional traits of Cycas panzhihuaensis population and the available nutrients in soil, and the functional traits such as LA, SLA and LDMC were weakly positively correlated with AN, AP and AK. The differentiation of main functional traits of Cycas panzhihuaensis population was due to the heterogeneous distribution of soil available nutrients. The common restriction mechanism of AN, AP and AK was the main survival pressure of Cycas panzhihuaensis population at local small scale in the forest community during current succession stage. However, with the progress of forest succession, AN and AP might play more important roles than AK on growth and development of Cycas panzhihuaensis.
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Perception Evaluation of Dianchi Lakeside Wetland Park Based on Text Mining and IPA Model
QIU Yuan, WEI Xinna, ZHOU Bo
2023, 44(5): 62-68.   doi: 10.12172/202211230001
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Wetland parks of Dianchi Lakeside have important ecological and landscape values. In order to obtain the public image perception of wetland park structure characteristics, and optimize the park image perception and service experience, six wetland parks of Dianchi Lakeside were selected as the research object, and tourist comments on tourism websites were used as the data source to obtain the public image perception of Dianchi Lake Wetland Park by content analysis, and an evaluation model of public image perception by IPA was constructed. The results showed that: (1) The public's comprehensive image perception of wetland parks included four aspects: natural resources and environment, human resources and environment, activity experience, and facilities and services. There were some differences in the perceived images of the six wetland parks, but the characteristics need to be further strengthened. (2) The overall high performance score of public image perception elements indicated that most public experience was good, while scenic spot maintenance and wetland water quality evaluation were relatively low and still need to be improved. (3) There were great differences in importance degree, among which the most important was the natural attribute of wetland parks, while the cultural attribute, such as background culture, was weak. Accordingly, some relevant suggestions were put forward for improving the construction management of wetland parks of Dianchi Lakeside.
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Study on Biological Characteristics of Stilphotia candida, in Nyingchi, Tibet
YANG Zepeng, SONG Zhenhao, CUI Jie, WANG Bingquan, TANG Xiaoqin
2023, 44(5): 69-76.   doi: 10.12172/202211070002
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Stilphotia candida Staudinger, as an invasive species introduced into Tibet in recent years, harms the growth of local willow trees. The biological characteristics of the insect pests were systematically studied, which laid a theoretical foundation for the prevention and control of Stilphotia candida Staudinger in this area and the further research. Through the methods of field investigation, regular observation and indoor breeding, from April 2021 to July 2022, a fixed field observation base was set up in Jiemai village, Nyingchi city, and samples were collected for indoor rearing. The morphological characteristics, living habits and annual life history of Stilphotia candida Staudinger in Nyingchi, Tibet were systematically studied. The results showed that Stilphotia candida Staudinger occurred once a year in nyingchi Tibet, and began to overwinter with 2-3 instar larvae in mid-September. The overwintering sites were mainly inside the bark seams of willow branches or in the ground litter layer, and the overwintering larvae began to harm the newly developed leaves of poplar and willow in the middle and late April of the following year. During the feeding process, it was found that host volatiles were one of the necessary conditions for the normal hatching of Stilphotia candida Staudinger eggs, and the eggs could develop normally without the stimulation of host volatiles, but the larvae could not be hatched. Through the separate feeding of willow leaves, it was found that the larval stage of Beijing poplar leaves was significantly shorter than that of white willow leaves, and the survival rate of larvae was higher. Most of the Stilphotia candida Staudinger adults emerged at night and mate in the early morning of the next day, and the mating time was as long as 11-17 hours. At natural temperature conditions, the measured egg stage, larval stage and pupal stage, male/female adult period were 20.17±2.34 d, 44.03±4.00 d, 9.67±1.81 d and 5.7 ±0.84 /4.9±0.94 d, respectively.
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Study on the Diversity of Stand Diameter Class of Pinus yunnanensis Community in Northern Anning River Basin
WANG Xiangfu, REN Feng, WANG Zhihong, LI Yuanhui, DONG Wenting, SHANG Shuaibin, YANG Qiaomei
2023, 44(5): 77-81.   doi: 10.12172/202211220001
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Using the method of 1 km × 2 km mechanical distribution, a total of 74 sample plots with the species composition ≥ 60% were investigated in northern Anning River basin, in Dechang County, Sichuan Province, to explore the diversity of stand diameter of Pinus yunnanensis community. The results showed that there were 2 758 trees with DBH ≥ 5 cm were investigated in 74 sample plots, with an average density of 932 plants·hm−2. The diameter class was mainly 6-20 cm, accounting for 84.63% of the total number of plants. The Shannon Weiner index and Simpson index of Pinus yunnanensis diameter order fluctuated greatly compared with the whole population. The canonical correspondence analysis showed that the distribution and diversity of diameters were mainly affected by density, altitude and slope. In summary, the diversity of diameter of Pinus yunnanensis community was affected by the changes of density, elevation and slope.
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Compatibility of Intraspecific Hybridization and Screening of Powdery Mildew Resistent Germplasm in Lagerstroemia indica
CHEN Zhi, DING Ting, HUANG Zhen, CHEN Ping, HANG Jinjian, ZHAO Taojuan, WANG Lihua
2023, 44(5): 82-88.   doi: 10.12172/202212050003
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Three American Lagerstroemia indica varieties (Red Rocket, Red Fireball and Red Leaf) and two Sichuan native Lagerstroemia indica varieties (Sichuan Pink Flower and Sichuan White Flower) were used as parents for intraspecific hybridization. Three seed traits, including fruit setting rate, seed setting rate and seed germination rate, were investigated, and the heritability, correlation heritability and correlation coefficient of the three seed traits were determined. The progeny were inoculated by the spore suspension infection method, and the hybrid combinations resistant to powdery mildew were screened according to the disease classification of the progeny. The results showed that: (1) There were significant differences in seed and fruit characters of hybrid progeny, and they were significantly lower than those of open pollinated progeny. (2) The seeds of 12 hybrid combinations were harvested, and only 8 of them could germinate. Therefore, parental collocation should be fully considered in Lagerstroemia indica hybrid design. (3) The heritability of fruit and seed traits was all above 0.99, and the correlation heritability of fruit setting rate with seed setting rate and germination rate was all above 0.8. The efficiency of early selection of seed setting rate and germination rate by using fruit setting rate traits was 88.37% and 84.47%, respectively. (4) The powdery mildew resistance test of the offspring of 8 hybrid combinations showed that some hybrid progenies of Sino-American combination was good, while others were very poor. The F1 generation of the hybrid combination "Red Rocket × Sichuan White Flower" showed the best resistance, all the tested progenies were resistant to the disease, and the hybrid combination of "Red Rocket × Sichuan White Flower" showed the second best resistance. However, the F1 generation of "Sichuan Pink Flower × American Red Leaf" had the worst resistance. The hybrid of local varieties represent equilibrium. (5) Initially, 8 immune plants and 25 highly resistant plants were screened out. The hybrid combinations and disease-resistant types of powdery mildew resistance discovered in this study provide the material basis for Lagerstroemia indica resistance breeding.
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Effects of Mixed Application of Water-retaining Agent and Microbial Inoculum on the Growth of Armeniaca sibirica and Robinia pseudoacacia
XIN Yunling, MI Yun, LI Qun, ZHU Ying, DONG Qiang
2023, 44(5): 89-94.   doi: 10.12172/202211210001
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Robinia pseudoacacia and Armeniaca sibirica, commonly used as afforestation trees in semi-arid areas, were used as test materials, and 9 groups of treatments were set up, in which water-retaining agents (0 g plant−1, 20 g·plant−1, 30 g·plant−1) were mixed with microbial inoculums (0 g plant−1, 5 g·plant−1, 10 g·plant−1). The differences of plant functional indexes such as plant height, ground diameter and leaf area under different treatments were analyzed, which provided theoretical basis for the application of water-retaining agent and microbial inoculums in actual afforestation. The results showed 30 g·plant−1 water-retaining agent (T7) concentration had the most significant effect on promoting the height of Robinia pseudoacacia, which was 2.69 times of the control group (T1). 20 g·plant−1 water-retaining agent (T4) had the highest promoting effect on plant height of Armeniaca sibirica, which was 20.94% higher than control group. Under the treatment of 10 g·plant−1 microbial agent (T3) and 5 g·plant−1 microbial agent (T2), the ground diameter growth of Robinia pseudoacacia and Armeniaca sibirica was the largest, reaching 6.42 cmand 6.39 cm, respectively. Mixed application treatment had the best effect on the growth of leaf area, and Robinia pseudoacacia and Armeniaca sibirica reached the maximum value at T8 (30 g·plant−1water retaining agent +5 g·plant−1 microbial agent) and T5 (20 g·plant−1 water retaining agent +5 g·plant−1 microbial agent) respectively. Through K-value analysis, it was found that the effect of water-retaining agent on the growth of plant height and leaf area of Robinia pseudoacacia was more significant than that of microbial inoculants, and both of which showed the law of first decreasing and then increasing, but had little difference on the growth of ground diameter. For Armeniaca sibirica, the effect of microbial inoculants on the growth of plant height was more significant than that of water-retaining agent, and had little difference on the growth of ground diameter and leaf area.
Research Reports
Study on Callus Induction and Differentiation of Gerbera delavayi Leaves
ZHAO Taojuan, SONG Qianli, HUANG Zhen, DING Ting, CHEN Zhi, LI Jiaman, GUO Hongying
2023, 44(5): 95-101.   doi: 10.12172/202211300001
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Using Gerbera delavayi leaves as explants, the methods of callus induction and differentiation were studied. The results showed that the green callus with a diameter 0.5 cm, compact structure and hard texture could be induced from the sterile leaves of Gerbera delavayi in the medium of WPM+ 0.6 mg·L−16-BA + 0.45 mg·L−1 NAA + 30 g·L−1 sucrose. The calli differentiated into adventitious buds after 30 days in the medium of WPM+ 0.75 mg·L−16-BA+ 0.15 mg·L−1 NAA+30 g·L−1 sucrose. After the shoots were transferred to 1/2DKW+1.0 mg·L−1IBA+0.1 mg·L−1 NAA+30 g·L−1 sucrose for 30 days, 5-13 adventitious roots with root hairs were developed.
Research Reports
Influence of Neem Pollen Drifting on Concentration of Airborne Particulate Matter in Forest
ZHANG Yan, HE Yan, ZHENG Shaowei, HOU Xiaoyun, WANG Jian, LI Yanqiong
2023, 44(5): 102-106.   doi: 10.12172/202211290001
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In order to solve the plant source pollution caused by airborne pollen in urban greening construction, the temporal and spatial variation of airborne allergenic pollen transmission and its influence on the concentration of airborne particulate matter in the forest were studied, which provided the basis for preventing and controlling urban airborne sensitized pollen pollution. A typical airborne allergenic pollen plant, Neem, which is frequently used in urban greening in Chengdu, was taken as the research object, and the daily variation and horizontal spatial spread of airborne allergenic pollen were studied by selecting the blooming period of Neem. The result showed that: (1) There was a single peak curve in the daily variation of the pollen concentration of neem, that is, the pollen concentration increased continuously from 6:00 to 14:00, and reached a peak at 14:00. From 14:00 to 20:00, it continued to decline. The concentration of pollen drifting from 12:00 to 15:00 was significantly higher than that of other periods. In the horizontal direction, the pollen concentration in the downwind direction was higher than that in the upwind direction. In the downwind direction, the pollen concentration showed a single peak curve, which increased with distance and reached a peak at 20 m. The drifting concentration of pollen in the upwind direction showed a bimodal curve, and the peaks appeared at 9 m and 20 m. Due to the influence of Neem pollen dispersal, the horizontal distribution trend of airborne particulate matter concentration in the C. camphor forest was roughly the same as that of pollen concentration, and it also showed that the downwind direction was higher than the upwind direction. At the horizontal distance, the influence of neem pollen on airborne particles was mainly in the range of 0-30 m.
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Study on Soil Physical and Chemical Properties and Soil Enzyme Activities of Wild Bletilla striata Habitat in Yanting, Sichuan
YAN Qiujie, LV Baoquan, WU Chengqiang, HU Jinyao
2023, 44(5): 107-112.   doi: 10.12172/202211090004
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In order to explore the soil properties of wild Bletilla striata habitat under forest, the soil of wild Bletilla striata habitat under forest was collected in Yanting hilly lands of Sichuan province, and the soil physical and chemical properties and soil enzyme activities were measured and compared with those of non-Bletilla striata habitat nearby. The results showed that the pH value of the soil in wild Bletilla striata habitat was 7.198±0.034, and the soil bulk density was 1.53±0.015 g/cm3, total nitrogen content was 0.9856±0.047 g/kg, the phosphorus content was 0.798±0.053 g/kg, the content of available phosphorus was 18.4±1.4 mg/kg, the content of hydrolysable nitrogen was 60.87±1.85 mg/kg. However, the activities of phosphatase, urease, catalase and invertase in the soil of wild Bletilla striata habitat were significantly higher than those of the control, and its roots had better ability to utilize and transform soil organic matter.
Brief Reports
Comparative Study on the Inclusions Content in Buds of Two Aralia species
XIA Miao, YI Zhuo, SHUAI Wei, JIANG Xinhua, YU Haiqing, WEN Qiang, LIU Yanyun, Dawazhima
2023, 44(5): 113-118.   doi: 10.12172/202211040002
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Aralia Linn., as a wild plant with both food and medicine functions, has extremely high nutritional and medical values. The difference and correlation of inclusions in the buds of different Aralia species were explored, so as to provide reference for breeding and popularizing Aralia with higher nutritional value. The contents of chlorophyll, anthocyanin, protein, vitamin C, saponin, flavone and polyphenol in the buds of Aralia echinocaulis and Aralia caesia were determined, and the differences and correlations were analyzed. The results showed that the contents of anthocyanins, saponins and polyphenols in the buds of Aralia echinocaulis were significantly higher than those in Aralia caesia, and the contents of flavonoids were significantly lower than those in Aralia caesia. There were no significant differences in the contents of chlorophyll, vitamin C and protein between Aralia echinocaulis and Aralia caesia. Initially, It is considered that the nutritional value of Aralia echinacea is slightly higher than that of Aralia caesia.
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Study on Soluble Sugar Content in Tissue Culture Explants of Tripterygium wilfordii
HUANG Shuyan, JIANG Long
2023, 44(5): 119-123.   doi: 10.12172/202204110004
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In order to explore the effect of soluble sugar content in tissue culture of Tripterygium wilfordii Hook. f, anthraquinone ketene method was used to measure the soluble sugar content at different stages of tissue culture of Tripterygium wilfordii. The results showed that 14 d was a short period for the growth and development of Tripterygium wilfordii explants, and sucrose was the best carbon source in the process of root culture stage. The optimal concentration was 30 g·L−1 and the rooting rate reached 100%. The content of soluble sugar increased at 0−7 d and 14−21 d, but decreased at other time periods, which indicated that soluble sugar was an important energy substance. Among different carbon source treatments, sucrose was the best carbon source. Glucose not only caused poor rooting effect of Tripterygium wilfordii explants, but also inhibit the growth and development, which made the explants in a nutrient deficiency state. In the process of tissue culture of Tripterygium wilfordii, exogenous sucrose could be added to promote the growth and development of Tripterygium wilfordii explants.
Brief Reports
Experimental Study on 2-year-old Container Seedling Raising Technology of Michelia wilsonii in Southern Sichuan
LI Limei, WANG Huan, WU Ya, XIAO Xingcui, GU Yunjie
2023, 44(5): 124-128.   doi: 10.12172/202309110001
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In order to select the most suitable growth combination for 2-year-old container seedling raising technology of Michelia wilsonii in southern Sichuan, the effects of substrate ratio, container size and slow-release fertilizer on the height diameter of Michelia wilsonii seedlings were analyzed by orthogonal experiments. The results showed that substrate ratio had significant effect on seedling height, height-diameter ratio, but no significant effect on ground diameter. The amount of slow-release fertilizer had significant effect on ground diameter and seedling height, and height-diameter ratio. Container size had significant effect on seedling height, height-diameter ratio, but no significant effect on ground diameter. According to comprehensive evaluation, the most suitable combination for containerized seedling growth of Michelia wilsonii in south Sichuan was selected as follows: the container size was 10 cm×15 cm, the substrate ratio of coconut husk 1 : peat 2 : soil 1, and the amount of slow-release fertilizer was 3 kg·m−3, which could cultivate 2-year-old container seedlings with height of 87.77 cm and ground diameter of 10.74 cm.
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Effects of Combined Application of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium Fertilizers on the Growth of Middle-aged Eucommia ulmoides Plantation
LI Kun, YAN Ming, XIAO Xingcui, YANG Yongzhi, LONG Sifan, WANG Li, LI Tianjun
2023, 44(5): 129-133.   doi: 10.12172/202305080001
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Using Eucommia ulmoides as the study material, the “3414” complete fertilization experiment was carried out in the field to analyze the effects of different levels of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizers application on the height and diameter of Eucommia ulmoides Oliv., and to explore the best fertilization combination for the growth of Eucommia ulmoides. The results showed that the combined application of N, P and K fertilizers could promote the growth of Eucommia ulmoides height and DBH. The growth of DBH increased significantly with the extension of fertilization years, and the increase after 2 years of fertilization could reach 1.7 times of that without fertilization. The growth of tree height was the highest in the first year of fertilization, which could reach 1.4 times of that without fertilization, and then the increase tended to be stable with the extension of fertilization years. Different levels of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium treatments had different effects on the growth of Eucommia ulmoidest. Medium nitrogen, phosphorus fertilizer combined with potassium fertilizer had the most obvious promotion effect on DBH growth, while medium nitrogen fertilizer combined with phosphorus and potassium fertilizer (N2P1K1) was more beneficial to the increase of tree height.
Brief Reports
Effect of different treatments on cuttage rooting of Machilus nanmu
CUI Yuting, WU Ya, CHENG Xianbin, GU Yunjie, YAN Kui
2023, 44(5): 134-138.   doi: 10.12172/202305230001
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In this experiment, the effects of spike type, substrate type and hormone concentration on the cuttage propagation of Machilus nanmu were analyzed by orthogonal experiment. Through variance analysis and mean value comparison, the optimum cutting combination of Machilus nanmu was screened out in order to provide a theoretical basis for the large-scale propagation of Machilus nanmu. The results indicated that panicle type and hormone concentration had significant effects on rooting rate of Machilus nanmu cutting, but had no significant effects rooting number and the length of taproots. The substrate types had significant effects on rooting rate and length of taproots, but had no significant effects on rooting number. Through further screening, it was found that the rooting rate of the shoots with perlite: vermiculite = 1:4 was the highest when soaked in ABT concentration of 100 mg·L−1 solution for 2 h. When the rooting rate was high, the taproot length was the longest when the twigs of vermiculite were soaked in the ABT concentration of 100 mg·L−1 solution for 2 h, and the rooting effect was ideal.
Brief Reports
A newly Recorded Genus Pseudopyrochora Pic (Coleoptera: Pyrochroidae: Pyrochroinae) in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China
ZHAN Zhihong, LIU Yancheng
2023, 44(5): 139-142.   doi: 10.12172/202211200001
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During field trips of spring 2022, some larvae of Pyrochroidae were found and collected from Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. The species association was confirmed by rearing larvae into adult stage and identified as Pseudopyrochroa depressa Pic, 1914. This species was first recorded in Chinese mainland, while the genus was first recorded from Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. In this paper, the morphology of adults and larvae of Pseudopyrochroa depressa Pic was described again, and its natural life history and behavioral information were supplemented.
Brief Reports
Histiopteris incisa, A New Distribution Record of Pteridophytes in Sichuan Province, China
LI Xiaojie, CHEN Xuling, LUO Wei, YU Daoping, TU Weiguo, YANG Miao, CUI Yongliang
2023, 44(5): 143-145.   doi: 10.12172/202211070001
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Histiopteris incisa (Thunb.) J. Sm., a new record species of the genus Histiopteris of Dennstaedtiaceae was reported in Mount Emei, Sichuan Province. Descriptions and characteristic photos of the species were provided. The voucher specimens were deposited in the National Herbarium of Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences (PE).

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